PixieSafari v 1.1

This update is more than the .1 version would appear. For the first time we are adding some great new functionality to our line of apps and PixieSafari is the first app to implement AR.

The new Augmented Reality (AR) layer has been integrated into the Attractions map of the app. Simple to use and easily shows the locations of the attractions around you in the park.

Pixie Pins develops iPhone applications designed to help you find your way. Specializing in destination tourism, our applications put the power of the destination in your hands using the most powerful mobile platform today.

In particular, we develop applications for destinations to educate, entertain and inform our customers so they may make the most of their day. We have a specific interest in destination tourism focused on Orlando and all the incredible activities offered in our town.

Having worked for the Walt Disney Co. in the past, I have a fondness for the Walt Disney World Resort and the magical experiences they bring to life on their property. Many of our applications focus on sharing that insight I have gained over the many years of living here in Central Florida.

Living in the world’s #1 tourist destination spot, however, we will not neglect all of the other great attractions that tens-of-millions of people travel to see, however. From Universal Studios Florida to SeaWorld Orlando, we will continue to develop applications that help you find your way and make the most of your time.

Pixie Pins is developed by designoMatt. designoMatt develops destinations (iPhone applications, websites, microsites, event sites, email marketing, etc.) for the destination travel and entertainment markets that are looking to leverage intelligent design with social media in today’s competitive marketplace. designoMatt utilizes traditional design, interactive programming, social media and other avenues appropriate to deliver our message to the designated market(s).


We call our new augmented reality (AR) implementations PixieDust; it offers a little magic to help you make the most of your day while visiting the parks.

iOS Development

We offer complete development for the entire iOS platform. Our specialty has been in location-based services with new expansion into augmented reality.

Web Apps

Not every project needs a native app. We also provide web app development for projects


As well as producing our own applications we can provide custom support for your projects as well.