PixieKingdom HD

With the introduction of Apple’s iPad, the mobile computing world was again set on its ear. Operating with the same system as the iPhone, the iPad can run the same applications, but provides greater options to us developers due to its increased screen size.

To take advantage of the new screen size, as well as the new functionalities offered with the iPad, we have completely rewritten PixieKingdom which is now available for sale on the iTunes App Store.

From a bigger map, thanks to the iPad’s enhanced screen resolution, to detailed pop-ups with more information about the park, PixieKingdom HD offers a comprehensive look at the park.

PixieKingdom HD allows you the quickest and easiest way to review the rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom, at Walt Disney World Resort, so you can plan your day while on holiday.

Some of our plans for the next update include: find me function to work with the new 3G versions set for delivery later this year, even more points of interest as well as any suggestions you wish to offer – we consider them all. So if you have any ideas, click our contact link in the footer.

You can find all of our iPhone apps on our page in the iTunes App Store.

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