With so many things to do at Epcot it is easy to get “turned-around”; let Pixie Epcot help you make the most of your day at the park. PixieEpcot offers a quick and easy way to locate all of the great attractions in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort, located in Central Florida.

Forget the paper maps and get a copy of PixieEpcot to help you throughout your day(s) at Epcot. With this application you will have access to the great mapping system which is part of the iPhone experience to guide you around the park during your visit.

PixieEpcot provides an easy-to-use list system that breaks down the park into these sections:

Future World: Tomorrow’s future, today.
World Showcase: A 1.2 mile journey around the world.
• Mexico: Get a taste of our great neighbor to our South.
• Norway: Did we mention Vikings?
• China: Over 5,000 years of history to share with you.
• Germany: Unity, justice and freedom is their motto.
• Italy: The land of art, music and beauty.
• The American Adventure: From sea to shining sea.
• Japan: From the land of the rising sun to you.
• Morocco: America’s oldest friend.
• France: Liberty, equality and freedoms.
• United Kingdom: Wander the cobblestone streets.
• Canada: Our great neighbor to the North welcomes you.
Picture Spots: Just a few spots highlighted for photographing.
Guest Services: For any assistance during your visit.
Restrooms: Located conveniently throughout the park.
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Requirements: Since PixieEpcot uses the iPhone’s mapping systems an iPhone using release OS 3.1.2 or greater is required for use with this application. PixieEpcot will not function properly on earlier versions.

Disclaimer: PixieEpcot is not affiliated, endorsed or connected with The Walt Disney Co. in any way.